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Responsibilities of the Casino and a Gambler

At, we understand that responsible gambling is the definition of a mutually exclusive relationship between the casino and gambler, to look after the mental/physical welfare of the gambler. Both parties should be held accountable for their role in keeping the gambler in control of his/her spending habits.

As the saying goes “too much of anything is bad for you,” with gambling, the recreation and money making activity is good-until it’s not. Too much gambling is an addiction. Now it is common knowledge that there are well-known and established rehabs for substance addicts. So, what about those addicted to gambling? Where do they turn to?

The Gambling Responsible Attribution Panel

This section of takes a look at some of the addiction ‘rehabs’ in terms of what they stand for and how they help the gambler and whether or not they check how casinos treat their members’ welfare.

In case you are wondering how the organisations listed under the ASSISTANCE PANEL operate, then you can keep on checking this page as we will be updating information to keep you in the loop of things. Should there be changes or any activities that you need to know, we will post them right here for you to get accurate information as soon as it becomes public.

Types of Organisations

Thanks to the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), gambling therapies can also operate online. Instead of the traditional rehab or help centre that only operates from a physical location, modern organisations have helplines and can also be contacted via emails.

Gamblers who still prefer the traditional way of doing things have the ability to do just that. Physical rehabs are also available. It might require some research first before locating a centre closest to you. Also, the timetables and schedules for meetings can be checked on location, so be sure to liaise with the director of your selected organisation.

New gamers who need direction can also check information on how to play online. Since the rules differ from one casino to the next, there is no set formula. It is the gambler’s duty to check the rules and regulations and be in agreement before signing up for a casino’s services. Also, it is the full responsibility of a casino to avail information such as how their site works, terms of use as well as conditions of use. For a mutually exclusive relationship between the casino and a gambler, both parties have to play their duties and carry out their responsibilities.

Take-Home Message

Remember, you can get help from just about anywhere. You don’t have to be afraid of being seen entering a physical building to help fight off an addiction. Help is available via;

  • Live Chat services on the respective websites
  • Helpline phone numbers, at times, for local callers, these might be toll-free
  • Email communication

Showing love to yourself shouldn’t be too hard. You can stay in touch with your most preferred organisation for a successful reality check. Even when you’re not addicted, if you feel like their assistance will be of use to you, keep them as a family.

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